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Riley Build

RILEYBUILD ARE A HOKITIKA BASED BUILD TEAM headed by licensed build practicioner and registered master builder Markjohn Riley.

Constructing residential housing to architect designed plan markjohn and his team are focused on cost effective quality construction.

RileyBuild are your West Coast Module NZ distributors and this team also over see the erection of your pre clad ModuleNZ build system.


Building a new home is a huge investment. We only construct quality homes using quality materials. You will only have straight walls and perfect joins if your builder allows the correct amount of time and is not only qualified but has the experience to complete the task to the same high standard every time. We also only work with quality subcontractors who use quality materials as we guarantee not only our workmanship and materials but those of contractors engaged by us.

When we build your new home we will build a home we will both be proud of.

Your home is our reputation. 


When you are altering or extending your existing home you get up close and personal with our team, especially if you are still able to live in the building. Our build team will work hard to make the experience an exciting time for you rather than a stressful experience.
Checking references and talking to those that have renovated is really important if the experience is going to be all that you dream of.  We will keep the work site as safe and as clean as possible. Working with older buildings can take real skill as you are not always working with square straight lines and you do not always know what you are going to find. Talk to Markjohn Riley around the same time you talk with your draughtsmen/designer/architect and find out what you can do with what you have and discuss options that work with your budget.

When we alterate your home we will leave you with a home that we will both be proud of.

Your home is our reputation. 


Maintaining your property preserves your investment.
On the West Coast our weather conditions create greater need to keep on top of maintaining roofing and timber surfaces.

Not every house needs a full re-roof - sometimes you can extend the life span by re-nailing and re-painting.
You may only have a small area of fascia or weatherboard that needs replacing.

Contact Markjohn Riley to make a time for him to assess your needs and give you expert advice. RileyBuild will give you a no obligation quotation. By maintaining your home now you will save yourself money in the future.


Finishing your home on the outside can add huge value to equity and enjoyment.
When you have spent such a large amount of money don't add structures that are not up to the same standard of workmanship as they will look cheap.
Out door areas are a personal choice - we can offer you advice on cost effective products and materials.


Due to our high rainfall and salt spray coastal living sheds carports and garages are a wise investment. These are also normally down the list in terms of maintenance - Protect your asset by getting Markjohn Riley to improve the life span or build from new.
Our team can erect your kitset garage or pole shed as per consented plans.
We also install Automatic openers and garage doors, as part of our service.